Grow with Gratitude


'Grow with Gratitude' kit is a mindful growing kit to empower and inspire our children. It is about combining our connection to nature and our connection with self. Each Grow with Gratitude Kit includes;

Basil seeds
Chive seeds
Parsley seeds
3 biodegradable pots
3 sustainable coco pellets
3 bamboo plant markers
3 affirmation cards
Gratitude crystal
Gratitude journal
Growing instructions
These can be used in order but you could chose to begin with an affirmation and your crystal to just sit and be with. This could be followed by some journaling to reflect on how grateful you are for this wonderful day and moment and then finishing with a connection to nature and planting herbs together.

Our connection with nature is a way to bring us back into the moment, which in turn leads us to becoming more active and aware people in our own lives. It also helps to introduce many positive benefits into the lives of our children like a healthier mind set, increased empathy and improved confidence.
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